Graduate Students

Complete the following steps before you register for graduate-level courses, fieldwork, integrative masters projects, and state mandated trainings.

  • Secure Your Invitation

    The Registrar’s Office will send you an email a month before registration begins inviting you to participate in priority registration. Each student is given a specific registration start time, and this email contains your specific start time as well as other information to help you with registration and add/drop.

    • For all current students, we follow the College policy of corresponding with you through your account. If you need help accessing your account, please contact the IT Help Desk at
    • For recently accepted students, please check the personal email address you used on your admission application.
  • Meet with Your Advisor

    You must meet with your faculty advisor to discuss what you plan to register for in the upcoming semester in order to be electronically cleared for registration. Your advisor’s name is listed at the top of your registration start-time email. Please confirm your advisor has cleared you to register before your registration period begins. If you need help with advisor clearance after the start of registration, please contact your advisor or Program Director. If you are in a leadership cohort, you may not need advisor clearance. Contact your Program Director to see if this applies to you.

  • Access Your Registration Account

    You can register online through myBankStreetConnect (myBSC) once your start time begins. We recommend you login to your account a few days in advance of your start time to make sure you can access your account. If you run into trouble logging in, contact IT Help Desk at (212) 875-4642 or

  • Clear Any Holds

    If  you are missing certain portions of your admissions application, you could have a hold on your my.bankstreet account that will prevent you from registering. Use the Navigation Instructions PDF to help you view any holds you may have. You must clear any holds before you can register. Please view our main Registration page for more information on accounts holds.

    There are a few other things which may prevent you from registering that are NOT holds:

  • Make a Payment

    Payment can be made through my.bankstreet or over the phone with a representative. For more information regarding payment options, please visit the Bursar’s Office page or call (212) 961-3369.

  • Put Yourself on a Wait List

    For most courses, if you go to register and find the class is closed, you can put yourself on a wait list. If a seat opens later in the course, students are invited to register for the open seat based on their position on the wait list. Just remember, not all courses will have wait lists and not all people who put themselves on a wait list will be invited to register for the course. Please visit our Wait list FAQ page for more information.

Add/Drop Period

Registration is divided into two periods: Priority Registration and the Add/Drop period. Once initial registration ends, your next opportunity to pick up new classes or drop classes from your schedule will be during the Add/Drop period, which can be done online through during the posted Add/Drop period. The process is the same as initial registration, however certain fees and limitations apply.

If you did not register at all during initial registration, you will need your faculty advisor to clear you before you are able to register during the Add/Drop period. Contact your faculty advisor in advance of the start of Add/Drop.

If you drop all of your classes, you must complete the process for a Leave of Absence. More information is available in the Interruptions of Study section on the Registration page.

General Policies

Financial Aid

If you have applied for financial aid of any kind (including loans, scholarships, etc.) and decide to change your schedule, your financial aid award may be impacted by the number of credits on your schedule. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (212) 875-4408 or to notify them if you make changes to your schedule.

Beyond Class Work

  • Integrative Master's Project

    Register for any Integrative Master’s Project (IMP) options (except the Portfolio) online through my.bankstreet during regular priority registration and Add/Drop periods. Your IMP options for registration are:


    • IMP1 (Site-based Inquiry)
    • IMP2 (Collaborative Student-Faculty Inquiry)
    • IMP3 (Mentored Directed Essay)

    Two Semesters (may extend work into one additional semester):

    • IS500 (Independent Study)

    If you register for the Independent Study, please complete the electronic Independent Study Mentor Form to notify the Graduate School which mentor has agreed to work with you for your Independent Study.

    If you are interested in the Portfolio IMP option, please review the IMP page for more information on how to apply online. If you are part of a leadership cohort, you might be required to register for a particular IMP specific to your program. Please view your cohort’s schedule as part of the larger semester course schedule.

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  • Supervised Fieldwork

    Register for your Supervised Fieldwork (also referred to as Fieldwork, Conference Group, Field Placement, or Advisement) online through my.bankstreet. All regular registration deadlines and cut off registration dates apply to fieldwork registration. Before you register, we recommend you check your program-specific page in the Academic Catalog to make sure you know the correct course number of the specific fieldwork for your program.

    If your fieldwork spans two semesters, you need to register for your fieldwork twice (once each semester). If you only register once, you won’t earn the full credit amount to meet the fieldwork requirement of your program.

    Please remember, you must be fingerprinted with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) before beginning fieldwork. Please check our Fingerprinting page for more information.

  • State Mandated Trainings

    If you are in a program that will lead to Bank Street recommending you for state certification upon completion, you are required to complete the three trainings below mandated by New York State. Full attendance is mandatory. If you are looking to register for any of these trainings in myBSC, please select the CPS term (FAC22 FALL CPS Term) under the dropdown menu for “All Terms” and select the following workshops:

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  • Matriculation Maintenance (MMNT500)
    Due to federal regulations, you must be registered in the same semester that you graduate and your degree is posted to your transcript. If you reach the end of your degree and you have no other requirements you need to register for but you still need to turn in old work for a past class, fieldwork, or IMP, you will need to register for Matriculation Maintenance by the end of the Add/Drop period.

    If you are registered for a course/fieldwork/IMP, but finish your work after the faculty grading deadline (meaning your instructor is unable to give you a final grade by the deadline), your degree will not be posted to your transcript. You will need to register for Matriculation Maintenance in the following semester, and your degree will be posted at the end of the next semester. Please visit our Graduation page for more information about degree posting and degree conferral dates.

    Please note, there is no adding Matriculation Maintenance after the end of the semester Add/Drop period. If you need to register for Matriculation Maintenance and you do not, your next opportunity to register and graduate will be the following semester.

    The cost for Matriculation Maintenance is $50 and is it zero credits.

    The Bank Street Course Number for Matriculation Maintenance is:

    • MMNT 500 (Matriculation Maintenance)
  • Internship Certification Credential
    Registration for the Internship Certification Credential is separate from

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  • Individualized Course

    If you are looking to work one-on-one with a faculty member for credit, either on a course that currently exists, or on a course of your own design, you can have the instructor and other representatives of your department sign off on an Individualized Course Form granting the Registrar’s Office permission to create a course section specific to you and your instructor. You can email completed forms to the Registrar’s Office at or fax the form to the office at (212) 875-4677.

    When we receive the form, our office will build a custom course for you. We will then email you with a confirmation and a course number. Once you receive this email, you will be able to register for your Individualized Course online through my.bankstreet. All regular registration deadlines and cut off registration dates apply to Individualized Course registration.

  • Seminar in Science

    Do you need to complete a college-level science course to meet the liberal arts and sciences prerequisites required by the state of New York? Are you looking for a unique way to earn elective credits for your degree? Bank Street College partners with the Museum of Natural History to offer an opportunity to earn graduate-level credit for prescribed science courses. If you have registered for at least one previous course with Bank Street or you have been formally admitted into one of our graduate programs, you are welcome to take an online science course conducted by the Museum of Natural History with credit granted by Bank Street.
    Registration for a Seminar on Science course is a two-part process. Please be sure to register through the museum before completing your registration with Bank Street. Please note Bank Street can only grant graduate credit for the following courses: “The Diversity of Fishes,” “Earth: Inside and Out,” and “Space, Time, and Motion.”

    Note: Alumni also qualify for this program.