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Early Childhood General Education Advanced Standing


  • Program Overview

    If you are currently a lead teacher in a 3-year-old or 4-year-old classroom that is contracted with the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), the Early Childhood Advanced Standing Program is for you!

    Through this competency-based, cohort program, you will become well-grounded in child development by closely observing children and engaging them in active learning in your current teaching position. As an experienced teacher, this program will help you build on your current understanding that learning comes in the form of play, social interaction, and sensory experiences, as well as through engagement in the world of literacy, literature, mathematics, science, arts, and social studies.

    This program culminates in a Master of Science in Education and requires 30 credits.

    Teacher and children exploring sensory table

  • Admissions Requirements

    In addition to the main admissions criteria, there are additional requirements needed to apply for this program:

  • Coursework

    Through coursework, students will work to develop and show mastery in the following competencies:

    • Planning and Instruction
    • Learning Environments
    • Subject Preparation
    • Assessment
    • Professional Learning -and Ethics
    • Leadership and Collaboration

    These competencies are woven throughout the below modules.


    Sample Credit Sequence

    Start of program – 6 credits awarded for teaching experience

    Module 1 | 6 credits:

    • Child Development and Cultural Identity
    • Integrating and Implementing Theory into Practice

    Module 2 | 5 credits:

    • Informal Assessment in a
      Social-Cultural Context
    • Supervised Fieldwork

    Module 3 | 4 credits:

    • Formal Assessment
    • Supervised Fieldwork

    Module 4 | 9 credits:

    • Curriculum Development and
      Child & Family Advocacy
    • Supervised Fieldwork

    Total Credits: 30

    View coursework for this program.

  • Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

    Supervised fieldwork/advisement lies at the heart of a Bank Street education. Through sustained experiences in the field, supervision from core faculty, and close collaboration with peers, our graduate students develop the ability to connect theory to practice and to reflect deeply on their own growth as educators.

    You will:

    • be supervised by a Bank Street faculty member who is an experienced teacher and advisor.
    • be supervised at the school where you will be or already are a full time teacher.
    • keep the same job at your school for the entire fieldwork year.
    • participate in a 5-7 member conference group, be observed working with children, and have monthly individual meetings with your advisor.
    • be guided through your coursework by your advisor.

    New York State requires all graduate students in this program to have field experiences in a birth-PreK and kindergarten setting, and in grades 1-2, as well as in an under-resourced public or charter school/program. Working teachers must enroll in an additional fieldwork placement, where they will be placed by Bank Street in the appropriate setting to fulfill their degree requirements.

  • Faculty

  • Certification

    Upon graduation, you will be recommended for New York State certification in Early Childhood General Education, birth through grade 2, provided you complete all other State certification requirements.

    Click here for more information about certification.