Graduate Admissions Blog

A Lifetime of Learning Awaits… And It All Started With That One Click

Let me allay your fears. Bank Street is that ideal college – It is unique, and it is wonderful.  Through my studies here, I have found Bank Street to be cozy and intimate, simultaneously an extensive network of staff, students, partnerships, programs, and resources which make it an indelible educational establishment. It is a renowned institution for many heavy-hitting reasons like academia and a focus on intellect – social justice, inclusion, and progressive education. However, I have found the college’s learning environment to be relaxed – encouraging expression and a sense of comfort – which could be considered stark to some, compared to the complex, detailed, and profound work happening here both in the School for Children and within the graduate school.

This comfort, I have learned, facilitates your growth. And growth is not always easy. Bank Street’s rigorous, rich curriculum and multifaceted educational philosophies will strengthen you by making you think – eliciting exciting ideas, deep realizations, engaging discussions and knowledge that will turn your own being inside out and back again. Your thinking, writing, and personal ideologies will be challenged because Bank Street is not afraid to, and in essence seeks to, make positive change in people’s lives. After almost two years (out of three in the Bronx Cohort program), I feel like a better version of myself, because Bank Street honed my passions and allowed me to discover new ones.

To be honest, when I first applied to Bank Street, I wasn’t even sure exactly what I was getting myself into. Even right until the seconds before clicking that “submit” button on the application, thoughts and questions bounced around my mind like ping-pong balls. I was anxious, unsure, and worried. Not knowing in a concrete way whether a decision this important will turn out how you hope can be daunting. Before actually submitting my application, I didn’t know much about Bank Street, and yet, the Early Childhood Urban Education Initiative Program was enticing – everything about it screamed at me to do it, and I felt only gain could come from it. Whatever you find enticing about Bank Street, whatever drew you to this moment – give into it wholeheartedly. Coupled with your dedication and commitment, the college will take your hopes for the future and develop them – unwinding them like a kite line. The curriculum seeks to prepare you abundantly for the educational field, and support you along the way.

Bank Street is a community that draws you in, and if you want (which you probably will!) won’t let go. From staff who were once Bank Street students and other alumni I’ve met, I’m learning you’ll be part of Bank Street always, and it can remain an invaluable resource, long after you have graduated.

Bank Street has definitely made me feel that every step, challenging or effortless, has been worth it so far. I have encountered so much knowledge, so many awesome people and valuable resources. I feel doors and windows have been opened that wouldn’t even exist had I not applied to Bank Street. I always say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made – and it all started with that one click.