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Audrey Fleischner and Nitika Nadgar
Progressive Education

Building a Community of Public Educators at Bank Street

Without a doubt, Bank Street prepares you for the ins and outs of teaching, but the school’s greatest lasting impact on your career is how it connects you to a community of like-minded educators.  Truth is, education can be an isolating career field, even though we’re always surrounded by people. Teachers often interact more with […]

Progressive Education

Progressive Education: Learning to Understand

In education, it’s always a point of both interest and tension: progressive education versus traditional and all the assumptions that come with each. Growing up having been taught via traditional education then attending Bank Street for graduate school, I can admit that I’ve never felt the active process of real learning until now. In my […]

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Theory and Practice – What Do Vygotsky, Erikson, and Maslow Know About 3 Year Olds in the Bronx?

If New York City is legendarily tough – The Bronx is tougher. There’s a sense of bravado – a strength, pride and a distinguishable bearing wrought from life experience in the Bronx. This character is passed down – it is cultivated in the youngest Bronxites because it provides a vital defense against the struggles of low-income families and […]

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Reducing or Eliminating Standardized Testing

Javier C. Hernandez’s article in The Times, “New York State Seeks to Scale Back Student Testing” details some steps being taken to reduce the amount and type of testing for certain students in New York state by John B. King, Jr. Hernandez outlines a few points, namely that: “students struggling in English would be given […]