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Robin Hummel and Laura Zadoff
Graduate School Classes

The Online Learning Experience at Bank Street

Studying at Bank Street is a relational endeavor. Creating relationships online requires the capacity to create community, and we do not refer to our online programs as “distance learning” because we work very deliberately to create an interactive community. From the moment you enter Bank Street, we introduce ourselves through video, get to know each […]

Kristin Waters

Student Services: So What Exactly Is a One-Stop Student Center, Anyway?

Bank Street College launched a one-stop Student Center on July 1, 2020, to provide you with high-level student service related to your enrollment. Now, you may be thinking… “That’s great, but what is a one-stop center anyway?” Great question! Generally speaking, at our one-stop-shop, you’ll have access to a variety of services under one roof. […]

Emmett Cooper and Stephen Ostendorff

10 Myths About the FAFSA and Applying for Financial Aid at Bank Street*

At Bank Street, we understand that many potential students see the cost of tuition of a graduate program and immediately feel “sticker shock” —they aren’t sure they can afford to make the financial commitment. We also understand that most of our potential applicants are not aware of how much their costs can actually be reduced […]

Audrey Fleischner and Nitika Nadgar
Progressive Education

Building a Community of Public Educators at Bank Street

Without a doubt, Bank Street prepares you for the ins and outs of teaching, but the school’s greatest lasting impact on your career is how it connects you to a community of like-minded educators.  Truth is, education can be an isolating career field, even though we’re always surrounded by people. Teachers often interact more with […]

Jesse Nguyen

What Makes a Bank Streeter? Reflections on a Decade of Reading Applications

I am approaching a decade of working in the Office of Graduate Admissions at Bank Street. Although I don’t have a definite sense of how many applications I’ve evaluated in that time, I imagine it is over 1,500 at this point! It has been such a treat getting to know many of our students through […]

Susan Levine
Career Search & Services

Don’t Forget Your Pants! And Other Interviewing Tips from Career Services

This blog post was written by Susan Levine, Director of Career Services, who has worked at Bank Street for over 30 years. She has guided hundreds of students on their path to finding their next jobs. Here, Susan shares some tips about virtual interviewing, as well as a reminder to RSVP for this year’s Job […]

Molly Koltys
Student & Alumni Profile

Learning in Lockdown: Introducing Molly, Current Student

We’d like to introduce you to Molly Koltys, a current Bank Street graduate student in our Early Childhood General and Special Education Program. Molly began her Bank Street journey in January 2020 after deciding to change her career path from management to education. Just two-and-a-half months later, in mid-March, graduate classes at Bank Street transitioned […]

Early Childhood Education

Meet the Second Cohort of the Early Childhood Urban Education Initiative!

Although Bronx Cohort 1 graduated over a month ago (my goodness how time flies) and we’re still reeling from the heady whirlwind of it all, I have yet to introduce the most recent students of Bank Street’s Early Childhood Urban Education Initiative Program –  the second Bronx Cohort. The first Bronx Cohort, of which I […]

Summer Wind-Down

Summer is a great time to explore the city and participate in events that may be both enjoyable and meaningful. For educators and graduate students who may have the season off, keeping up with what’s happening in education and around the city may offer a way to keep our brains sharp even through the haze […]

Graduate Student Life

Commencement 2018— The First Bronx Cohort Graduates!

The drums pierced with a wild blaze through my heart—  the sounds were something ancient and completely mesmerizing. While listening, clapping, and cheering I waved my hands over my  my eyes hoping to assuage the wellspring of emotion rushing through me— tears would have definitely fallen otherwise. The drumming circle lent us musical encouragement as […]