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Springtime in the Bronx

Spring feels like freedom. Once spring is done with the dreary, watery days of April and the sun emerges (most days) in May – I love it. My students do […]


Winter in NYC

Although winter seems like it’s left us early this year, there are some of us who actually long for the season. Despite the bitter cold some of us (me!) try […]


Beating the Stress: Places to Chill in NYC

This time of year is insane for many of us. The semester comes to a close and the winter holidays come barreling through with both the scent of panic and […]

Graduate Student Life

My Move to New York City

I was extremely thrilled and overjoyed when I received my acceptance letter from Bank Street. However, with each new person I shared my good news with, that excitement was replaced […]


Learning by doing: Out of Classroom Learning Resources

I am a proponent of learning that is stimulated by the desire to explore, wonder, and question, and how this type of learning can transcend from the classroom to other […]


New York City in the Winter

New York has so much to offer all year round and wintertime brings its own unique set of experiences thanks to all of the holiday cheer. However, when the temperature […]


Holidays off the Beaten Path

New York City is an exciting place around the holidays. There are lots of festive things to do from the tree at Rockefeller Center to the window displays at Macy’s. I would […]


The Tourist in Me

Lots of us have moved to NYC to attend Bank Street. In those exciting first few days, with boxes still taped together, Ikea furniture not yet broken, no salt or […]

Activities For The Classroom

Center for Architecture Foundation Field Trip

On Thursday, my cooperating teacher and I took 27 second graders to the Center for Architecture Foundation. The trip ties in to a larger unit of study on how buildings work. […]


Navigating the Subways

The subway. For some, a disorienting and stressful experience, where uptown and downtown feels like luck of the draw. For others, an efficient, enjoyable, and history-rich marvel of urban engineering. […]