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Robin Hummel and Laura Zadoff
Graduate School Classes

The Online Learning Experience at Bank Street

Studying at Bank Street is a relational endeavor. Creating relationships online requires the capacity to create community, and we do not refer to our online programs as “distance learning” because we work very deliberately to create an interactive community. From the moment you enter Bank Street, we introduce ourselves through video, get to know each […]

Kristin Waters

Student Services: So What Exactly Is a One-Stop Student Center, Anyway?

Bank Street College launched a one-stop Student Center on July 1, 2020, to provide you with high-level student service related to your enrollment. Now, you may be thinking… “That’s great, but what is a one-stop center anyway?” Great question! Generally speaking, at our one-stop-shop, you’ll have access to a variety of services under one roof. […]

Graduate School Classes

IMP Reflections

From our first days at Bank Street, my cohort and I heard legendary tales of the magical and formidable IMP—  and we started classes at the beginning of September so Halloween was still more than a month away, but hearing about  the IMP so early on only added ominous intrigue. We often took walks down […]

Graduate School Classes

Theory and Practice – What Do Vygotsky, Erikson, and Maslow Know About 3 Year Olds in the Bronx?

If New York City is legendarily tough – The Bronx is tougher. There’s a sense of bravado – a strength, pride and a distinguishable bearing wrought from life experience in the Bronx. This character is passed down – it is cultivated in the youngest Bronxites because it provides a vital defense against the struggles of low-income families and […]

Graduate School Classes

Observation & Recording

“Observing and recording children’s behavior is the wellspring that nourishes and integrates the dual elements of a teacher’s role – doing and reflecting. Using these techniques, teachers learn to rely on themselves as a potent source of information and to share what they’ve learned with colleagues and parents about the needs, the interests, the uniqueness, […]

Graduate School Classes

Child Development

Child Development (EDUC 500) is one of the foundational courses that are required by many of the graduate programs at Bank Street. I took the course during my first semester here and it remains one of my favorite courses that I have taken at the Graduate School. The content was fulfilling in that I learned about […]

Activities For The Classroom

I Love Math: And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say

Before starting at Bank Street, there was one subject I was particularly nervous about tackling, and that subject was math. I have never felt comfortable with adding or subtracting in my head, I have trouble recalling my multiplication facts, and I still don’t know how I passed Algebra in high school. I convinced myself that I […]

Graduate School Classes

How I Learned Science by Cleaning a Chicken

This summer, I am taking a course called “Science for Teachers” with Stan Chu. In one of our first classes, Stan nonchalantly mentioned that he is in his 48th year of teaching. The class focuses on building meaningful frameworks for science lessons and how to ask questions that encourage exploration and don’t shut down thinking. And […]


Questions from you!

On April 5th, we gave applicants to our teacher preparation programs an opportunity to discover Bank Street and meet members of our community. They got to meet various faculty and staff members, participate in model lessons, and hear from a group of current students and alumni. During the event, we asked the applicants to write […]

Graduate School Classes

Tips to get through Graduate School

Attending graduate school at Bank Street is no easy undertaking. The coursework challenges you to think deeply and carefully about teaching. The courses themselves are at night, often during dinner time. Toward the end of the 7:00-9:00 pm courses, it can be hard to think coherently without a cup of coffee. Supervised fieldwork will have you deeply […]