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Early Childhood Education

Quantifying Intelligence And Success In Early Childhood

As the year begins, we often set new goals for ourselves and experience a renewal in our outlooks and dispositions. At this halfway point in the school year, I also […]

Early Childhood Education

Supporting Each Other: A Bridge Between Families And Educators

One of the most challenging things about teaching in early childhood education surprisingly has nothing to do with children. Building an effective & secure bridge of trust, communication, and deep understanding […]

Early Childhood Education

Developmentally Appropriate Practice – We’re Not Just Playing!

Children play for a reason. There are very specific, very real, biological, emotional, cognitive,  and human reasons children are irrevocably compelled to and consumed with play. Play is an essential […]

Activities For The Classroom

Student Teacher: Teacher and Student

Every program at Bank Street involves some form of supervised fieldwork. Depending on the program this can be as a head teacher, assistant teacher, or a student teacher. For my […]

Current Events & Educational Policy

Reflections on the 9th Niemeyer series: UPK in NYC

[The views expressed in this blog posting do not reflect that of Bank Street College as a whole] Bank Street’s ninth Niemeyer Series, Universal Pre-K in New York City, took […]