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Commencement 2018— The First Bronx Cohort Graduates!

The drums pierced with a wild blaze through my heart—  the sounds were something ancient and completely mesmerizing. While listening, clapping, and cheering I waved my hands over my  my eyes hoping to assuage the wellspring of emotion rushing through me— tears would have definitely fallen otherwise. The drumming circle lent us musical encouragement as […]

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Highlighting An Alumna And Past Blogger For Mother’s Day

In my experience, children tend to say the word mom (or any variation of it) a lot. Many times, mothers are the center of young children’s universes and they bring all of their experiences (and sometimes, lack of experiences) with their mothers to school. We honor the significance of mothers in young children’s lives and […]

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Meet our Student Blogger: Carolina Soto Bonds

Hello! I am the 2016-2017 Bank Street College Graduate Admissions Student Blogger. Yay! I am excited — maybe too much — and a little in awe of all the opportunity it encompasses. Carolina Soto Bonds. That is my name. My name is me. I am from New York City born and raised. My wonderful parents […]

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Meet our Student Blogger: Domonique Williams

Hello! My name is Domonique Williams and I am ecstatic to serve as the 2015-2016 Bank Street College graduate admissions blogger! I am from Silver Spring, MD and received my bachelor’s degree in History from Tuskegee University in Alabama. As a history major, the question I always heard was, “What do you want to do? Teach?” My […]

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Meet Our Student Blogger: Sharon Leatherwood

Hello and welcome to the Graduate Admissions Blog! My name is Sharon Leatherwood and I am thrilled to be the graduate student blogger for the 2014-2015 school year at Bank Street College. I am here to share with you my experiences as a first year graduate student at Bank Street and to help with any […]

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Meet Our Student Blogger: John Kuckens

Hello out there. My name is John Kuckens, and I am delighted to be your graduate admissions blogger for the 2013-2014 school year at Bank Street College. Many of you are brought to the blog because you are curious about applying to Bank Street, or you are new students. I think you will see through posts […]

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Meet Our Student Blogger: Sara Nowak

Blogger: Sara Nowak I’m a fairly new addition to the Bank Street College community and already adoring it! I am in my second semester, as of this writing, in the duel Masters Program in Museum Education and Early Childhood Education. Prior to this chapter of my life, I attained my B.A. in English at Marymount […]