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How do you make time for yourself as a busy grad student?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging enough but it can feel like a near impossible feat when you add graduate school to the mix.

Though it is easier said than done, it is also crucial to our health, well-being, and, even our classrooms. I had to learn to make time for myself and not feel guilty about coming straight home after work or class some evenings and opting to binge watch something on Netflix rather than work on an assignment. Allowing myself those moments of doing absolutely nothing (and giving my mind and body a break) is the of self-preservation that works for me. I was interested in hearing about how other students at Bank Street balance work, life, and school, so I asked a few classmates to respond to the question: How do you make time for yourself as a busy grad student?

Name: Fateha Ahmed

Program: Special and General Education

“Grad school taught me how to organize everything and schedule all the million things I need to do, including making time for myself. I used to neglect my own needs until I realized that if I don’t take care of me, I won’t be giving out the best me and it reflects in my work. You cannot serve from an empty vessel!”

Name: Ashley King

Program: Classroom Literacy

“I like to plan my days out and decide when to do work. Then, when I finish work I’ll reward myself with something I like to do. This way I’m staying on top of my work, but also allowing myself to have some fun!”

Name: Mellie Davis

Program: Museum Education/Early Childhood

“My calendar is everything. I make sure to include fun activities into my weekly schedule and time for simply watching a movie”

Name: Sam Lewis

Program: Childhood General Education

“I don’t essentially. I have a full time job and I volunteer tutor on Saturdays. As a result, I make sure to read for pleasure on the train, which is always enjoyable.”

Name: Abigail Laub

Program: Early Childhood General and Special Education

“This is my last semester at Bank Street. As a result, I am completing my courses, doing the IMP, studying for the state exams, etc…Phew! I am exhausted! At this stage it is critical to pause. I take a few minutes every three hours or whenever I have a moment to do some deep breathing. I believe that practicing kindness and sharing a smile serves as a tool for self-regulation. I also, make a plan in my calendar for about 2 ‘me’ hours every week. These hours are usually spent sleeping”