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Learning by doing: Out of Classroom Learning Resources

I am a proponent of learning that is stimulated by the desire to explore, wonder, and question, and how this type of learning can transcend from the classroom to other settings. As educator and philosopher John Dewey says, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” In keeping with his theory, I have compiled a brief list of New York City based museums and nonprofit organizations that promote lifelong learning and enrichment opportunities for people of all ages.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine supports the arts and the community with its public programs, exhibits, and events.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Offers glimpses into the immigrant experience through tours, lectures, films, and other programming.

Materials for the Arts
The Education Center at Materials for the Arts offers programming focused on making art with readily available materials and supplies.

Met Creates at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts
Explore a range of art making techniques inspired by the works in the museum.

Museum of Math
Provides programs and exhibits that stimulate inquiry-based learning and engagement while exploring the wonders of mathematics.

New York Public Library
The New York Public Library offers free programming, events, and exhibitions to the public.

Wave Hill
Cooking programs, gardening advice, family art making, and much more is offered at Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center.

Do you know of any other organizations or have any resources for out of classroom learning experiences that you would like to share? Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section!