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Bank Street’s Student Services Advisors Help Make Grad School Easier

Kristin Paintal, EdD, Chief Enrollment Officer and Registrar
Kristin Paintal

At Bank Street Graduate School of Education, our Student Services Advisor (SSA) team is here to guide all our students and offer support every step of the way. How do our SSAs do this?

Our goal is to ensure that your experience with Bank Street is positive, seamless, and stress-free. We want you to be able to focus your attention on your academics, knowing that there is a support system in place to assist and partner with you along the way.

Once you have confirmed your admission to Bank Street, you’ll be connected to your SSA for registration support and more. Assigned to you specifically for the program you are enrolled in, your SSA will remain with you throughout your entire journey as a student.

Our SSAs partner with our program directors, so they can provide the reminders and updates you’ll need—you’ll know exactly what items need to be completed in order for you to succeed as a graduate student.

To start, your SSA will assist you with course registration, help you access and accept your financial aid,  and ensure that you understand your bill and payment due dates. Throughout your program, you’ll receive frequent reminders from your SSA that will keep you on track with your degree requirements, your checklist, and ultimately, your graduation forms!

You’ll have opportunities for phone or Zoom check-ins whenever you need them, and you’ll receive our bi-monthly newsletter that highlights upcoming events, tips and tricks for student success, and ways to stay connected at Bank Street.

Our student services model is known within higher education as a “one-stop shop”—an idea that first became popular on college and university campuses in the 1970s. Over time, the concept fell away as institutions grew and additional office units were expanded or added to meet student needs. Over the last 10 years, one-stop student centers have made a comeback as institutions began to recognize that student needs and services have an impact on their overall experience and relationship with the institution. Asking students to visit multiple offices to meet their enrollment needs shouldn’t lead to confusion and stress! Most colleges with a centralized Student Services office, including ours, combine the registrar, financial aid, and billing into one centralized unit, alleviating common stresses for students. We took our one-stop model a step further by adding a caseload model, which means you’ll have a dedicated staff member to assist you based on your specific program.

Our team is guided by one belief: We are here to provide a positive student experience, with individualized support staff focusing on your specific needs and concerns. The personalized attention Bank Street provides to each graduate student sets us apart from other institutions.

We look forward to getting to know each of our students and encourage you to reach out to us at at any time.